Stay cool if you are planning to be outdoors this afternoon.  Strong sunshine and south winds will help high temperatures reach the upper 90s this afternoon.

The humidity will also be strong this afternoon and that will make our temperatures feel even hotter!!!  Have a safe Labor Day!!!



Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

Our shower and storm chance will be decreasing this weekend.  We could see some showers and storms Saturday, but our storm chances go down to an isolated chance on Sunday.  Monday we are looking hot and humid with plenty of sunshine for Labor Day.


I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!!


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford



A 20% chance for a shower or storm this afternoon.  Moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico is going to try  and make it’s way into Central Texas and if it holds together we could see a small amount of rainfall.


 Other than the slight storm chance it will be a hot and muggy afternoon for Central Texas.  Here is a look at my forecast for the area this afternoon.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


We are finally looking at some good rain chances in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.  An upper level wave of energy will be moving out of the Central Rockies by Thursday evening.



Once this upper level trough moves into Central Texas it will help to provide a 40%-50% chance for showers and storms.  Forecast models are in disagreement on our severe weather chances.  I think there will be a chance for strong thunderstorm or two with potential for damaging winds and small hail.  

Here is what FUTURETRAC is showing for Friday


FUTURETRAC is not showing much of a severe storm chance, but if we can get some sunshine for Friday afternoon I think there could be some strong storms with some intense rainfall.  We will have an abundance of available moisture for the area and that typically leads to some heavy rain.  

Here is a look at the set-up for Friday.


A cold front will be setting up in Western Texas and that will allow moisture and energy to sweep through the area.  The latest forecast models are showing the potential of 0.25″ to 0.75″ of rainfall.  Also, notice the temperature forecast…below average…some areas might not even make it into the 90s for highs if the rain and clouds start in the morning hours.


We definitely need more rain than those numbers, but I feel some isolated areas could see over an inch of rain.  Here is a look at what one forecast model is showing for rainfall totals through Saturday night.


I will keep updating you with the very latest on our storm chances as we get closer to Friday and more updated weather data is issued.  Stay tuned.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford





We have Tropical Storm Cristobal churning in the Atlantic this morning.  This storm (that once looked like it could move into the Gulf Of Mexico) is going to stay east of the United States over the next several days.  There is another tropical low that I am also watching that east of the Lesser Antilles.  Definitely the busy time of the year for tropical activity.




I will keep you updated on my blog with the latest tropical weather information so keep on checking back for more updates.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford




Stay cool today with heat index numbers reaching the lower 100s

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

Still watching for potential tropical development in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Hunters will likely investigate this system by tomorrow to determine if it’s a tropical depression.

I am not seeing a lot of forecast models showing an impact on the US. There is one tropical model that is showing a potential impact next Tuesday.


This forecast model is showing a direct hit on South Florida.

I think by Saturday we will have a strong idea of the potential storm track.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


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