Rain chances will be decreasing for this afternoon and evening. Afternoon temperatures will be near average. Here is a look at your Friday forecast


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

Showers and storms are in the forecast again today. Some areas could see some heavy rain. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch until 7pm.



Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


Heavy showers and storms are moving through the area. More showers and storms overnight and Thursday

Tropical moisture has been moving into Central Texas over the past couple of days.  This moisture is from the Gulf Of Mexico, but in the mid levels of the atmosphere this moisture is from Tropical Storm Odile.  That moisture is from the Pacific Ocean.  So, needless to say we have rich and abundant moisture over Central Texas.  Whenever we see a set-up like this it means heavy rain potential.

Here is what FUTURETRAC is showing for today and tomorrow.








The best chance for Central Texas to see the heavy rain according to FUTURETRAC will be Thursday late morning into the early afternoon.  We will have storm chances over the next 2 days, but Thursday morning is looking very interesting and it could me a messy commute.

Here is the latest rainfall map through Friday night.


The rainfall forecast map is showing a range of .01″ to 1.94″…but do you see the isolated areas with yellow shading?  Those are areas of rainfall over 3 inches.  There will be the potential for isolated areas seeing that much rain.

Here is what I am seeing with our severe threats for today and tomorrow:

FLASH FLOODING (HIGH): This threat is a given with the heavy rain potential.  There could be numerous flood advisories and a few flood warnings.  Keep in mind that some storms could make travel very difficult.  

LIGHTNING (HIGH):  We could see frequent lighting in a few of these storms.

DAMAGING WINDS (MED): I always say this when talking about the forecast…if there is heavy rain, damaging winds will also be possible.  Today and tomorrow’s storms will be no different.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some wind gusts over 30 mph.  Severe winds are over 58 mph, but there could definitely be some strong winds in these storms.

HAIL (LOW):   We could see some pea sized hail in an isolated storm, especially if the storm can get some strong vertical development.  Our storms are looking more like heavy rain producers and not hail producers so I have the hail chance in the low category.

TORNADOES (VERY LOW):  Our storms will not have a high amount of rotation associated with them, so the tornado threat will be very low.  Now, keep in mind that a tornado could always try to develop if the conditions are right, but the chances of that happening with today and tomorrow’s set-up will be very low.

Make sure you tune into Texas Today Thursday morning at 5AM on KCEN-HD and I will keep you updated on our active weather.

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Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


Rain chances are looking near the 50% mark for Wednesday. At times there could be some heavy downpours.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

More showers and storms are possible for your Friday.  It look like our best chance for rain will be this afternoon and evening.  Some areas east of I35 could see some very heavy rain.  I am keeping a close eye on the Texas Gulf Coast…I am seeing showers and storms heading northwest and it is likely that a lot of this activity will hold together and move towards our area.


Our storm chances are at a 50% possibility today and then going down to a 30% for early Saturday morning.

Here is your Friday Forecast Map


Temperatures will be feeling like early October thanks to the cloud cover and the shower and storm chances.  We could see some breaks in the clouds for some sunshine and that should lead to temperatures closer to 90 in our southeast counties.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


We are still looking at shower and storm chances for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  Definitely a more active weather pattern than what we have been dealing recently.  Here is a look at the very latest weather data on what we can expect in the next couple of days.


Here is the basic summary of what I think we have to watch out for over the next couple of days.  Times of heavy rain, gusty damaging winds and small hail…and there will also be the potential for flash flooding.  Especially in our low lying areas.

Here is what FUTURETRAC is showing today through early Saturday Morning








FUTURETAC is showing our shower and storm chances lasting through Saturday morning.   We are most likely looking at an off and on rain chance through that time period, but at the times it is raining…it could be heavy.

Here is the rainfall forecast into Saturday.


Here you can see a wide range of rainfall totals, but I think there is a good chance of a solid 1-3 inches for the entire area with isolated areas seeing over 3 inches.

Whenever there is a chance for a thunderstorm that can produce very heavy rain…damaging winds will be a weather threat that goes along with that.  Heavy rain produces cold air in the upper levels of the atmosphere…cold air is heavier than warm air and as a result that cold air is forced downward at a high speed.  That cold air spreads as it hits the ground and we get strong damaging winds as a result.  In some of our storms I think we could get some wind gusts over 40 mph and maybe even some wind gusts near 50 mph.  The damaging wind threat will be very isolated, but it will be there so be on alert.


Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


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