Stay cool today with heat index numbers reaching the lower 100s

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

Still watching for potential tropical development in the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Hunters will likely investigate this system by tomorrow to determine if it’s a tropical depression.

I am not seeing a lot of forecast models showing an impact on the US. There is one tropical model that is showing a potential impact next Tuesday.


This forecast model is showing a direct hit on South Florida.

I think by Saturday we will have a strong idea of the potential storm track.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford







Expect strong humidity for all of Central Texas this afternoon.  That means our late day temperatures will be feeling well into the triple digits.



An area of showers and storms located east of the Lesser Antilles has the potential of taking on tropical characteristics over the next 5 days.




We are heading into the busiest part of hurricane season so even though it has been a quiet Atlantic season so far, it only takes one storm to create some major damage.  



This is the GFS forecast model for next week (a better tropical forecast model)…notice that it is showing a tropical system making it’s way into the Gulf Of Mexico next Thursday morning.  This particular model is showing a potential landfall for Southeast Louisiana. 



Here is a look at the spaghetti map  (all tracks on the map at the same time to be able to easily compare all the different tracks).


All of the tropical forecast models are in very good agreement of this tropical system making it’s way into the Gulf Of Mexico.  That means that the Texas Gulf Coast will need to monitor this situation closely and if it does impact the Texas Coast we could see some heavy rain here in Central Texas.  I will have more updates on the way so stay tuned.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


Slight storm chance in the forecast today. The best chance for storms will be west of I35 this morning with another slight chance for storms later this afternoon.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford

I have added some very isolated shower and storm chances to the forecast for Sunday afternoon.



It won’t be a heavy rain chance, the the clouds should help to keep highs in the upper 90s

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


Temperatures will be at average today, but we definitely will notice an increase in humidity this afternoon. I don’t see the humidity going down any time soon so be ready for heat index values near 108° this weekend.

Meteorologist Patrick Crawford


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